Where can my staff stay?

There are a number of options in the local area. As we move closer to the relocation Inglis will work with all clients to assist with favourable hotel rates as well as transport options to Riverside Stables.

Click here for local accommodation options: Accommodation Page

Where do my staff eat?

There are a wide range of casual dining options including Golf Club, cafes and restaurants around the Liverpool/Moorebank areas.


Is there a bus service to and from the sales?

Inglis will provide a range of transport options for vendors and buyers. This will include a shuttle bus service operating in the local area designed for stud staff. For buyers, a full transport service will operate from the airport, Sydney CBD and Eastern Suburbs. More information will be made available in late 2017.

How much are the rooms at the hotel?

Much like current arrangements with Inglis preferred hotel partners, Inglis clients will continue to benefit from discounted rates at hotels in the local area. This includes The William Inglis at Riverside Stables. Hotel rates are expected to be available from September 2017.

Who can stay at the hotel?

During Inglis horse sales, the hotel will primarily be reserved for industry personel. At other times of the year, The William Inglis will cater to a wide range of leisure and business travellers.

What facilities are there for staff to get food in the stables area?

In addition to the full service restaurant, The Newmarket, there will be a number of pop-up food outlets around the grounds.

How long does it take to get to the complex from Coogee?

Driving from Coogee is estimated to take 45 minutes.

For further information please see our Getting There page.

What way would we bring yearlings to the complex from Scone?

For further information please see our Getting There page.


Are there vet facilities at Warwick Farm?

There will be two vet treatment areas located onsite

What will our first sale at the new complex be?

Inglis Classic in February 2018.

How many boxes will be available?

There are 850 boxes. There is 1 stable known as The Big Barn, which will be more of a traditional style barn and will cater for weddings and other events.

How many parking spaces will be available?

There is over 1000 car parking spaces available.

When will Inglis relocate?

In late 2017, Inglis will move their office from Randwick to Riverside Stables and it will be on level 2 of The William Inglis. In January 2018, The William Inglis will open to the public. The first yearling sale will be Inglis Classic in February 2018.

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